Monday, October 3, 2011

Amana refrigerator repair

Amana Refrigerator Repair Click here for Amana Refrigerator Parts Appliance: Amana Refrigerator Problem: Water dispenser (located on the door) worked intermittently for a while, then stopped working altogether. After that, ice dispenser and ice maker stopped working also. No water in the trays. Solution: If the water dispenser is broken and the ice maker working, the water tank inside the Amana refrigerator section could be freezing up. Temperature should be checked to make sure that it is not set too low. If both the water dispenser and the ice maker have failed, either the water inlet valve could be the problem, or the water supply line to the Amana refrigerator itself might be restricted The water supply valve coming from your house may be restricted by water sediment. It is generally recommend replacing your water supply valve with a drill style saddle valve. You can get a much better water flow to the water inlet valve this way and your Amana refrigerator repair will be a success. Appliance: Amana Refrigerator, Model ATB1915HRQ Problem: Intermittent cooling problems and compressor making buzzing noise. Solution: Make sure that the condenser is clean. An intermittent problem is usually caused by the relay overload (part #12002794) on the compressor that's causing it to intermittently start. Especially if it runs a long time and the compressor gets hot, it takes a little more current draw sometimes to get it started. If the compressor trying to start, that tells you that the other controls are generally okay; the thermostat (part #61005790) is working properly and it's calling for refrigeration. These components are mounted to the outer shell of the compressor; they normally just plug on. There are three pins and a few wires. It's something that the average do-it-yourselfer, if they take their time and mark the wiring, etc., can accomplish. Appliance: Amana Bottom Mount Refrigerator, Model BX21TW Problem: Freezer is 0 degrees but not getting cold enough in the refrigerator section Solution: Normally if you open the door and depress the switches for the light and the fan you can hear the freezer fan (part #10513803) run. If you don't, then you either have a bad door switch (part #C3680310) or a fan motor, but most often you're not going to get zero degrees in the freezer if the fan is stalling or having problems. Usually when you have one section cooling the way it's supposed to and the other one not, is either a defrost system failure or the air diffuser in the refrigerator section that opens and closes to allow the cold air to be pushed in there is stuck closed. Normally, on your unit, if you open up the refrigerator door you should see a small white plastic box, with a little vent on it, and the air damper (part #R0161050) is the component behind that. It's got a little thermostat on it, a sensing bulb, and all it does is open up a little gate. If you see that it is stuck closed, until you can order a new one, you can take a small piece of cardboard or the like, and just wedge it in there until it's half-open. That will get you by until you can order a new control. You can close the freezer door and then depress the switches in your refrigerator section, one to make sure that the lights are going on and off, and see if the fan is running and see if you can feel any cold air coming out of that little vent. If not, and the fan is running in the freezer, then that little air damper is probably just stuck closed. So you're just starved for airflow in your refrigerator section, then the damper assembly is most often the culprit because the only thing in the airflow is that little gate, and it's thermostatically operated.


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